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How to make a ‘water-based’ soap that will actually kill bacteria

In the days since the San Diego Chargers announced their move to move to Los Angeles, I’ve seen some comments from the public that have been kind of interesting.The first comment that really struck me was one that was...

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How to Clean Water in New York City With a Water Treatment Kit

I am in New Jersey, and my family and I have a home in Hoboken, New Jersey.I recently purchased a water treatment system that includes two pump systems, a hose and a filter, and a new water filtration system.We...

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Water treated at Holland water treatment plant, the first in the U.S. to have a ‘water-friendly’ coating

HOPEWELL, Ohio (AP) When the city of Holland decided to start using hydrogen sulfide to treat water at a plant it owns and operates, it was the first U.K.-based facility to do so.The new treatment method, known as H2S-Free,...

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