iraq water treatment


How to get the best quality water treatment from a single tank

A single water treatment tank may not be sufficient to provide a complete solution to a water problem, according to the International Water Management Association.“A single tank of water will not always suffice to provide the desired water treatment...

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How to clean up the water you drink in the UAE

By H.B. Danneman/BloombergBusinessweekIRAQ AND THE UAE are facing a major water crisis after a massive, year-long drought forced millions of people to cut back on drinking water.The country is facing a drought and a shortage of drinking water, as...

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Iran-Suez Canal dispute: Iran will pay for Suez Canal construction

By Alex WilkinsThe United Arab Emirates (UAE) has made it clear it will not pay for the construction of the $5.2 billion (US$3.7 billion) Suez canal after President Hassan Rouhani said it was in Iran’s interest to buy the...

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