ecolochem water treatment


How to turn your home into a bio-based power plant

ecolochemistry is a study of plants and their chemical reactions.This week, a team of scientists from the University of Bristol and the Universities of Bristol, Leeds and London have published an article on how to convert wood into a...

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When will we be able to use solar energy to power our homes?

The sun is our only source of electricity, but the ability to store it for later use could make us much more efficient, even as we become increasingly dependent on coal, oil and gas, the authors said.The researchers, led...

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New Jersey’s water supply system is set to receive a major overhaul, but the biggest change may be the biggest cost: the degasifier.

The state’s wastewater system is in dire need of upgrades and the degaester is the key to achieving that, according to a new report by the Institute for Water and Environment at Rutgers University.The degaiser is a device used...

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