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MTV’s new show, ‘Shockey’s Water Treatment,’ debuts on MTV News

A new reality TV show based on a local company that helps residents treat their own water has been renewed for a second season.The Shockey’s treatment company is called the Water Treatment Network and it operates in 10 counties...

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How Trump is using a brand new program to make a brand-new deal with ExxonMobil

Recode’s chief political reporter Ari Shapiro talks to Recode senior editor Josh Constine about President Donald Trump’s decision to use the brand new ExxonMobil-branded Water Quality and Management program to get the company to reduce its emissions of greenhouse...

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When will we be able to use solar energy to power our homes?

The sun is our only source of electricity, but the ability to store it for later use could make us much more efficient, even as we become increasingly dependent on coal, oil and gas, the authors said.The researchers, led...

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