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When you need a water treatment treatment service provider, Austin Water has you covered

I am not a water consultant, but I do have some information for you on the best water treatment companies and services to look out for.The key here is you need to have a water system that has a...

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Water treatment plant opens in Queensland

Water treatment plants in Queensland have been granted planning permission for a $7.4 million facility, as part of a $12 billion plan to modernise the state’s water supply.Key points:The state’s Water Supply Board has approved a project to upgrade...

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Iran-Suez Canal dispute: Iran will pay for Suez Canal construction

By Alex WilkinsThe United Arab Emirates (UAE) has made it clear it will not pay for the construction of the $5.2 billion (US$3.7 billion) Suez canal after President Hassan Rouhani said it was in Iran’s interest to buy the...

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