Water Treatment School to open in San Antonio

Water Treatment College, a new water treatment water treatment and filtration school will open in the city’s west side.

The new facility is located in the San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA) Greenbelt neighborhood.

It will open next year, the SAHA announced.

The school will be able to process wastewater, which is typically used to treat sewage and industrial chemicals, to treat municipal wastewater, as well as industrial wastes.

It is expected to offer wastewater treatment services to households and businesses in the area.

According to the SAHAs press release, “Water Treatment College is a fully accredited program that offers a variety of certified, accredited and accredited certified wastewater treatment and recycling facilities, aswell as water treatment services and water distribution systems.

The campus will serve residents of the Greenbelt and surrounding areas.

The facility is open to the public.”

The water treatment facility will be open from January 1, 2019, through February 15, 2019.

The university has also partnered with San Antonio-based Cenco for Clean Technology (CSCT) to design and build the facility.

The company is working on a pilot project in San Antone to test out the water treatment process.

CSCT has designed and built water treatment facilities in the United States.

It also partnered on the installation of the state’s first high-capacity wastewater treatment facility, the San Antony Wastewater Treatment Facility.

This facility is in San Juan Capistrano, and will be operated by Cencor.

CSTC said the new facility will also be equipped with sensors and other technology to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

The San Antonio Water Management District, the city and the San Marcos Water District also supported the facility’s design.