The water industry has a new hope: A water-treatment company

The water-management industry has had a few days of relief, as the new owner of the Tennessee River, the Tennessee Valley Authority, announced that it has acquired a water treatment company called Advanced Water Treatment Services.

The company will provide water treatment services to the water utility in the future.

“Our new company will help us with the maintenance of our water supply and the maintenance and conservation of our watershed,” Tennessee River Authority Chairman Chris O’Brien said in a statement.

The water utility says it plans to use the company to help provide water quality monitoring to the Tennessee water system, and the new company’s chief executive, Matt L. Meeks, will join the board of directors.

The deal was approved by a state committee in a vote of 4-1, and it was signed by Governor Bill Haslam.

“It’s a big win for Tennessee and our state’s water supply, and I’m proud of the people that made it happen,” Haslam said in the statement.

“We’re going to continue to move forward with the restoration of the Tennessean and all Tennesseans.

We’re going do it in a way that is sustainable and responsible and will bring more prosperity to the state.”

Tennessee is one of only a handful of states that relies exclusively on natural gas for water supply.

“In a very real sense, we’re a little behind,” said Tom McCright, the president of the American Water Works Association, a trade group that represents major water companies.

“You’re still getting the same old supply of natural gas, and that means you still have a problem.

The way you solve that is you can’t rely on a single source for the water you drink.”

In addition to the Tennessee River Authority, Advanced Water is also involved in several other Tennessee water projects.

The Tennessee Valley Water Authority, which is managed by the Tennessee Department of Environmental Quality, will receive a $100 million investment.

In March, the water authority also announced that its water treatment project, the Southern Water Treatment Plant, will be purchased by the water company, which will begin construction in 2019.

The state also announced last year that it would pay $15 million for Advanced Water’s water treatment plant, which was built in 2014.

The Tennesseant has reached out to other water utilities to discuss the deal, and Tennessee River has already started to look into the new Tennessee Valley water treatment technology.

In January, the company announced it was partnering with the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Commission to test the Tennessee Water Treatment and Storage system.

The system, which has been used for decades, has proven itself to be an efficient and safe water treatment system, the Tenneseean reports.

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