When is hard water treatment the best way to treat your hard water?

The answer is yes and no.The answer depends on the type of hard water that you have and whether you are using a hard or soft water treatment system.A soft water system may also treat the water to a...

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How to make a ‘water-based’ soap that will actually kill bacteria

In the days since the San Diego Chargers announced their move to move to Los Angeles, I’ve seen some comments from the public that have been kind of interesting.The first comment that really struck me was one that was...

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How to build a water treatment school in the US

How to Build a Water Treatment School in the USA article The water treatment industry is booming in the United States.More than 200 companies operate in the country, employing nearly one million people and generating $2.6 trillion in revenue,...

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The truth about water treatment: The facts and myths

Water is the most precious commodity on Earth.To use it properly, it must be treated in the right way.The way you use it depends on what you use, where you use water, and what you store it in.The water...

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