‘Superior’ water treatment plant opens in rural area in New South Wales

New South Welsh authorities have opened the first water treatment facility in the country, which is set to become Australia’s largest.

Key points:A new $600 million water treatment centre is set for the suburb of Glenora in New ScotlandWater treatment plant operator AquaPower has been awarded a contract for the projectThe project will be the largest water treatment complex in the worldWater treatment is used for cleaning up stormwater in the South West and is currently being developed in New EnglandThe site, near Glenora, is set at a cost of $600m and will include a water treatment system.

It will be a world-leading water treatment unit, which means it will be able to treat up to 2 million litres of water per hour.

“The project is a massive undertaking, and the work that has gone into this project will make a difference to the quality of life for all New South Australians,” said Acting Environment Minister Rob Stokes.

“Water treatment will help ensure our region’s water system is a more resilient and resilient community.”

Water treatment system is set up at a water processing plant at GlenoraA new facility at Glenorra is also set to open in 2017.

The Glenora water treatment site is being developed by AquaPower, a leading water treatment provider in Australia.

It has previously built the world’s largest wastewater treatment plant in Queensland and the world first water processing facility in Australia, the Wawel-Gardner in Queensland.

The company has been contracted by the State Government to build a new water treatment and recycling plant at the site.

AquaPower said the facility would be a regional hub for water supply in New Southern Wales, and will be in the same location as the water treatment plants already in operation in Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

“Glenora will be an important site in the future for water systems to deliver high-quality water to New South Australia, and it will also serve as a centre for local manufacturing, renewable energy, and industrial manufacturing,” it said in a statement.

The site was selected after a public tender process, which concluded on Tuesday.

The project has been approved by the Australian Water Commission and the New South Africa Water Board.

The Water Minister said it would be an enormous undertaking and a great investment for New South South Wales.

“It will create a regional centre of excellence for water and wastewater, as well as being a site for our future hydropower projects, which are important to the future health of our region,” he said.

“This project will bring economic benefit to the region and will create thousands of jobs, and more importantly, a new economic base for New Scotland.”