How to safely clean the pentair plant after it’s evacuated

Pentair has released an update on its water treatment system after the company’s main water treatment plant was evacuated following an explosion at its plant in the city of Montreal.

The Montreal Gazette reports that the Quebec City plant, which produces drinking water for about 25,000 people, was evacuated Tuesday night after a blast.

The Montreal Gazette also reports that an explosion in another plant, located in the nearby town of Saint-Hyacinthe, sent an explosion of some 7.5 tonnes of compressed air to the building.

The Quebec City facility was evacuated to a storage facility after a “gas explosion” in January, but the Quebec-based company says the blast and evacuation were unrelated.

According to the Gazette, there are about 200 workers at the plant and there is “no immediate threat to the public.”

In the wake of the explosion, Quebec’s Environment Minister, Françoise Boivin, announced that all water was being pumped from the plant into a new tank and that the province is planning to use the tank to store the water for “a limited time.”

She said that all of the water will be returned to the Montreal region.

Pentair says it was “extremely lucky” to be evacuated, but says that the plant has a “serious structural problem.”

In a statement, the company said that “an unexpected event caused the plant’s main cooling system to fail.”

The company says that it’s “working closely with Quebec authorities to restore power and supply to the affected area.”