MTV’s new show, ‘Shockey’s Water Treatment,’ debuts on MTV News

A new reality TV show based on a local company that helps residents treat their own water has been renewed for a second season.

The Shockey’s treatment company is called the Water Treatment Network and it operates in 10 counties in Louisiana.

It’s based in New Orleans, which is just over an hour north of the city.

It operates at least 20 treatment plants throughout the state.

“We’re going to have a lot of customers,” Shockey said.

“We’ve got to get the water into the right place.”

The company is owned by a local couple, Bill Shockey and Patricia Shockey.

It is a part of a growing industry that helps communities clean up their own drinking water.

Shockey has seen his share of problems, including the leaking of millions of gallons of untreated wastewater into rivers and lakes.

He and Patricia are trying to fix the problem.

“There are a lot more customers than we think,” Shooter said.

Shockey said that the company’s mission is to help communities and companies solve the water crisis by getting water to the right places.

He said that is especially important now, because people are relying more on bottled water, which can contain bacteria.

He also said that more people are living farther from drinking water sources, which means there’s less opportunity for the company to fix any problems.

“I think what we’re seeing is a lot going on that’s not necessarily happening at the local level,” Shuler said.

“Shockey”s new show will premiere in April, and it will be available on MTV.

Shuler and his wife Patricia Shuler have a show called “Shockeys Water Treatment” that airs on the network every Tuesday at 8 p.m.


It will be the first time Shockeys water treatment has been aired on MTV since 2009.MTV is not the only company that is trying to get customers to clean their water.

It was also reported that an NBC affiliate in Tennessee, where the company is based, is looking at a series of new shows to bring viewers back to the topic of water and how it’s treated.