Westinghouse’s water treatment plant to shut down in June

Westinghouses water treatment plants will be shut down on June 30, 2019, after the company found the water in its Westing house buildings unsafe.

It is the latest in a series of problems found in the water treatment units, which were built by Westing and supplied by other suppliers.

Westinghouse confirmed to News24 that it found the problem at one of its Westgate plants, and that the plant would close.

The plant was built at the end of last year, and is now in its final year of service.

There were some problems found at a plant in the UK, but the company said it had not been a significant issue at that site.

On the Westing water treatment sites, Westing said that there was a risk that the water would enter the building through cracks in the building’s exterior wall.

This would allow the water to enter the plumbing system of the home, causing serious problems, the company added.

A statement from Westing also confirmed that Westgate would be shutting down its other water treatment facilities, including one in Wales.

“All Westing House water treatment equipment will be withdrawn from operation by June 30 2019,” it said.

As a precaution, Westgate also confirmed the closure of its two other water facilities.

Both the Westgate and Westgate water treatment unit in Scotland are being decommissioned, while one in the US is also shut down.

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