How to save your life in the face of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases

How do you avoid getting sick from your own water?

A lot of water is in the same bucket, and a lot of it is contaminated.

A recent article by the Associated Press featured a photo of an entire water treatment plant in Australia, complete with a massive filtration system.

The picture also included a giant sinkhole, complete by the use of a pipe that looks like a toilet plunger.

Here’s how to treat water.


Buy your own, clean water Source: Getty Images via Getty Images/ABC News 2.

Use the proper filters Source: Associated Press 3.

Use an electric hand pump to get rid of excess waste Source: AP 4.

Remove the water’s pH levels for good Source: CBS News 5.

Use distilled water as your primary water source Source: ABC News 6.

Keep it at an ideal temperature for drinking Source: Huffington Post via Getty 7.

Use chlorinated water for swimming and washing Source: The Huffington Store via Getty 8.

Keep water safe with a chlorine booster Source: Thinkstock 9.

Drink distilled water from a tap Source: Reuters 10.

Use a filter or hose to filter out microorganisms Source: Business Insider via Getty 11.

Keep your water supply as fresh as possible Source: HuffPo via Getty 12.

Use bottled water Source of content: The Associated Press 13.

Use water that has been properly disinfected Source: News24 via Getty 14.

Keep the water at a high temperature Source: Buzzfeed via Getty 15.

Avoid drinking the tap water Source the Associated Newswire via Getty 16.

Never use distilled water to wash dishes Source: Fox News via Getty 17.

Keep drinking water to treat yourself Source: WKMG via Getty 18.

Keep all tap water sources and water filters to a minimum Source: AFP via Getty 19.

Use only tap water and tap fixtures Source: WSJ via Getty 20.

Keep tap water at the correct pH level Source: Mashable via Getty 21.

Avoid using bottled water and avoid purchasing it Source: Al Jazeera English via Getty 22.

Avoid eating or drinking tap water because of the bacteria that live in it Source the Guardian via Getty 23.

Don’t drink tap water that is already contaminated Source: CNN via Getty 24.

Never drink tap or bottled water because it contains dangerous bacteria Source: Gizmodo via Getty 25.

Never eat tap water as it contains bacteria Source the AP via Getty 26.

Avoid water that contains tap water’s own microorganisms, such as E. coli Source: NBC News via Flickr 27.

Avoid consuming tap water source ABC News via Shutterstock 28.

Keep a copy of your water records for your own records Source: Slate via Getty 29.

Drink tap water from your tap Source ABC News 30.

Avoid any water with a pH above 6.5 because it is likely to contain harmful bacteria Source Fox News/AP 31.

Use filtered water Source 32.

Use purified water Source CNN via Reuters 33.

Avoid all tap tap water due to the bacteria found in it source ABCNews/AP 34.

Use tap water with chlorine Source 35.

Never consume tap water for drinking, washing, or bathing Source NBC News/ABC via Getty 36.

Avoid tap water if you have a compromised immune system Source ABC via Getty 37.

Never get into contact with tap water, especially if it contains E.coli, salmonella, or salmonellosis Source ABC/AP 38.

Use chlorine as a primary water filter Source FoxNews via Getty 39.

Avoid wearing any kind of contact lenses, contact lenses containing lead, contact lens sprays, or any other type of contact lens, because they can contain dangerous bacteria source Fox News Via Getty 40.

Avoid contact lenses or contact lenses if you are pregnant or breastfeeding Source ABCvia Getty 41.

Avoid touching any parts of your body with your hands or feet.

The Huffington post article 42.

Never leave water or other liquids on the water table for more than 15 minutes Source CBS News via Reuters 43.

Never take the shower while it is cold Source ABC 13/14 via Getty 44.

Avoid sharing water with other people, especially your pets Source ABC 11/14/15 via Getty 45.

Use disposable filters and a hand pump when handling water Source Reuters 46.

Never share water with someone who is sick Source ABC 12/14 by Getty 47.

Never wash hands, face, and other parts of the body with water Source Fox 11/12/15 by Getty 48.

Avoid the use and consumption of bleach Source ABC 10/12 by Getty 49.

Avoid washing your hands with bleach Source Reuters 50.

Never reuse or reuse plastic bottles Source ABC 7/13/15 50.

Use hand sanitizer when handling or eating raw or un-cooked food Source Fox 10/10/15 51.

Avoid handling or bathing with water contaminated by E. Coli Source Reuters 52. Avoid