Water treated at Holland water treatment plant, the first in the U.S. to have a ‘water-friendly’ coating

HOPEWELL, Ohio (AP) When the city of Holland decided to start using hydrogen sulfide to treat water at a plant it owns and operates, it was the first U.K.-based facility to do so.

The new treatment method, known as H2S-Free, uses an additive to trap the hydrogen sulfides that are a byproduct of burning fossil fuels.

The U.N. says it has more than 40 other water treatment plants around the world that use hydrogen sulfate-free chemicals.

The plant in Holland is the first of its kind in the United States, and it’s the first time it has received government funding to expand the technology, which is cheaper and faster to use than existing alternatives.

A Dutch government report released Wednesday showed the city is using about one million gallons of water a day, on average, in Holland and surrounding areas.

The company said it will start using H2s-Free at two more sites next year.

The water is treated in a tank to remove any residual sulfates.

It also gets treated at a different facility near the Holland border in England to remove contaminants like metals and other compounds that can affect human health.

Holland has about 100,000 residents, and is home to about 5,000,000 people.