The Biggest Water Scam in American History

We’ve heard of the “Big One” before.

The Great Lakes have been plagued by contaminated water from Lake Michigan’s massive Lake Erie for centuries.

And yet, with a few lucky breaks, the Great Lakes are now safe to drink, breathe, and eat.

But the Great Water Scams of the past are not going away.

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Andrew Vignoli, Chief Scientist of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the co-author of the EPA’s “Great Lakes Rule,” and former head of the Great Lake Basin Authority.

He’ll explain how the Great Leagues of water pollution have made it to the surface, how contaminants are leaking into the Great lakes and into rivers, and how we can prevent these contaminants from reaching our drinking water.

We’ll also hear from former head officials from the Great Basin, and the scientists who are now leading the EPA.

This episode is part of the National Geographic Society’s Science Channel, a national platform for science-based storytelling.

The Big One: The Great Leages water pollution crisis is the largest in U.S. history.

The EPA estimates that nearly one million gallons of contaminated water leaked from the lake in 2011 alone, and more than 1,200 of those gallons have entered rivers and lakes around the country.

According to the EPA, the contaminated water has contaminated the Great Salt Lake, Lake Erie, the St. Lawrence River, and Lake Michigan.

The contaminants have also seeped into the soil and groundwater, making it more difficult for people to drink.

In fact, in many places around the world, people are finding they can’t drink tap water because of contamination from the water.

If you’re drinking tap water in the United Kingdom, for example, there are now a number of restrictions on how long you can drink the water you bought at the pump.

The problem with the Big One is that there are many ways to protect ourselves, our water, and our families from contaminants.

This is the topic of Dr. Vignolis upcoming book, The Big Ones: The Most Terrifying, Deceptive, and Deceiving Scams in America.

We talked with Dr Vignoles chief scientific advisor, Andrew Vigelski, who explains how contamination can get to the lakes, and what the EPA can do to make sure we are protected from contamination.

Plus, we learned how to prevent contaminants from contaminating your water.

The Scam: Lake Michigan contaminated water is being pumped into rivers and streams in the U.K., Canada, and Australia.

What you need to know about water pollution.

The New York Times reported that contaminated water was pouring into the water supplies of over 70 percent of the U-K., with one major river, the Thames, reporting that it had more than one million samples of contaminants.

The contaminated water that flows into the rivers and waterways is not being treated.

The U.k. is testing the water and is working with other nations on how to protect people from contaminants that have leaked from Lake Erie and the Great Falls.

In France, the Environment Ministry is looking into the contamination that is flowing into the lakes.

It says that more than a dozen samples of toxic contaminants have leaked into the region’s waters.

In the U, there is also an issue with a company called H2O.

H2OC has been identified in the drinking water of more than 20 states.

They have tested water samples, and found that some of their water samples were contaminated with H2.

We learned how these contaminants are moving into the bodies of the people that live in the Great Plains, and it’s getting worse every year.

It’s not only going to affect the people in the states, but the people all over the country are exposed to contaminants.

And the EPA is warning about contamination of drinking water supplies that are being shipped to the U., Canada and Australia, and many of the contaminants are also in food and drink.

The big water crisis is a problem we can’t solve by ourselves.

We need the EPA and federal and state officials to work together and take action.

The water crisis, and its effects, are affecting the entire world.

It is a global problem, and if we don’t take action now, it will continue to impact the Great and Southern Lakes.

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