A New Way to Treat Water is Being Developed for Water-Saturated Homes

The technology, which combines two water treatment systems, is being developed by the Water Foundation for New Zealand and the Australian Water Research Institute, according to a statement from the WaterFoundation.

The new water treatment technology is being described as a “world first.”

A water treatment system is a device that removes water from a source.

The water must be purified to be reused, and then re-treated.

Water treatment is currently used in the treatment of municipal water.

The Water Foundation says the water treatment process is similar to that used for conventional filtration systems.

It will take the technology more than a decade to be commercially viable.

New Zealand Water Foundation spokeswoman Anna-Louise O’Sullivan said the technology was being developed to be “world-first.”

Water Foundation officials did not immediately respond to questions about the potential commercial use of the technology.