The next great TV shows are coming to Netflix

Netflix is planning to release a slew of new original series over the next few years.

The company revealed the details on Monday, noting that it would soon be launching the first of them, “The Last Kingdom,” which will be an original drama series.

Netflix is also planning to launch a slate of original comedy and dramas, and the company has previously said it was in the midst of development of a comedy series about the end of World War II.

Netflix also announced on Monday that it will launch a new slate of originals in 2018.

The company is planning a slew in 2018 of original programming for Netflix, with plans to premiere new series in the coming months.

Netflix will begin airing original series in 2019, but its first season will premiere in 2019.

The network is also in talks with HBO for a full season of “Girls,” which is set to air on the streaming service.

Netflix’s lineup of original series includes a few hits that will likely be able to draw viewers in the long run, but the network also plans to bring some new offerings to viewers in 2018 and 2019.

Netflix has previously announced that it plans to launch “Girls” and “Stranger Things” in 2018, but it has not revealed a release date.

Netflix’s first season of original drama, “Bachelor in Paradise,” will debut in 2019 and will reportedly feature an all-star cast of actors.

Netflix has also been steadily increasing its presence on television with “Strangers Things” season 2 and “Bachelorette” season 7 coming to the streaming platform in 2018 as well.

The streaming service has also launched original series “Strategies” and other originals on television and is looking to release new series as well in 2018 including “The Expanse,” “The Flash,” “Machete Kills,” and “Sons of Anarchy.”