‘Water treatment plant for the future’ in Singapore

Singapore Water Treatment Plant (SWPT) is a public utility that provides water to Singapore’s people through a network of water treatment plants.

The SWPT was started in 2005 as a joint venture between Singapore Water Supply Corporation (SWSC) and the Singapore Water Corporation.

In a statement on Friday, SWPT said it was working towards building the “most comprehensive water treatment system in the world”. 

The company said it has a commitment to “continue the legacy of Singapore’s water-treatment industry”.

The SWP is currently operating at capacity, but with more than 100MW of capacity it has the potential to be fully operational in 2020, it said.

The company has been in the water treatment business for more than 30 years. 

In a press release, SWP said that in 2018 it signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Government of Singapore for the creation of a water treatment plant in Singapore.

The water treatment facility, which is to be operated jointly with the Singapore Government, will be the “largest integrated water treatment and treatment system of its kind in the region”.

“This project will also enable us to take advantage of the many opportunities for the public sector to engage with Singapore Water and make our water supply system better,” SWPT chief executive Officer (COO) Mr Jay Kumar said. 

“This investment will bring an important new and better way of managing water to our people.

The SWPT is committed to developing our water system to meet the changing needs of our citizens and the environment.” 

The water plant is to employ over 2,000 people and is expected to create 5,000 jobs.

SWPT said that it was “the only water treatment company operating in Singapore with a water-saving capacity”. 

Singapore’s water is being treated in the SWPT’s Singapore-China Water Treatment Plants, which have a combined capacity of around 2.5GW and are operated by SWSC and SWPT.

Singapore was one of the first countries in the Asia Pacific region to adopt a “no-fishing” policy.

In 2018, the government signed an agreement with the SWP to improve the water quality in Singapore’s ports.