Diesel water treatment in India for diesel-powered cars is ‘unacceptable’

Diesel water treatments in India are “unacceptable” and the government has ordered the state to scrap them, the official news agency reported on Wednesday.

The state of Gujarat, which has a large number of diesel-engine cars, said in a statement on its website that it would have to scrap the treatment methods if the ministry’s decision is not implemented by January.

The ministry, however, has not confirmed that the move is a move to scrap diesel water treatments, saying that it is still assessing the situation.

According to the EPA, diesel vehicles in India have the highest number of pollutants in terms of emissions and other pollutants such as nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide.

It also has the highest rate of asthma deaths in the world.

The government said in September that it was planning to scrap all diesel water supplies by 2021 and said that the ministry would “work towards implementing all the recommendations of the task force and its recommendations in the course of this year”.