How to clean your indoor swimming pool after the flu

New Delhi: An outdoor swimming pool in a Delhi suburb that was sprayed with UV light last week after a flu pandemic has been clean since the weekend.

An indoor pool at the residence of the resident of the same area in Kaithal had to be shut down as the water was contaminated by the flu virus, a resident of this area said.

The water had been being treated at a public bathhouse for about four days and the disinfectant spray from the facility was used as a precautionary measure, said the resident, who asked not to be named.

The facility was sprayed on Friday after the resident had returned from a weekend visit to the residence.

Residents had complained of respiratory illness and fainting at the pool after they came down with the flu.

After several days of water disinfection, the water at the swimming pool had become clean, said a resident, asking not to give his name.

However, he added that the disinfection spray had not been used for about three weeks and residents had to keep disinfectant tablets on their hands at home.

This is a precaution because the water disinfectant is very good and can be used safely, the resident said.

“The water has been disinfected several times by a well-known indoor pool cleaner in Delhi and the water quality was excellent, he said.