New Zealand’s new bill could shut down hospitals, hospitals could close, NZ news

New Zealand is in the midst of a water crisis.

But the country’s leaders are struggling to find a solution.

The country is the only Western country without a national water management plan, and the government has been struggling to devise one.

So now a law is being drafted to impose a cap on the amount of pollution that can be emitted into the atmosphere from the water supply.

The bill is being called the “water bill” and it could shut some hospitals down, even though there’s little chance of any closures.

The plan, called the Water Bill, is being drawn up by Environment Minister Rob Stokes, who says the government’s main priority is to reduce the number of deaths and hospitalizations caused by pollution.

But he says the legislation is a necessary step, and he says it’s a matter of safety for all New Zealanders.

Here’s what you need to know.