How to keep your water safe in Houston’s water treatment plant

The city of Houston has installed a new, $1.5 million system to protect residents from water contamination.

City officials announced the installation on Tuesday.

Water from the city’s aqueduct and the reservoir system is treated at a facility that serves as a reservoir.

The water is then transferred to a large pipeline that delivers it to homes.

The city said the system will be capable of handling as much as 1,200,000 gallons of water a day.

A spokesman for the city said a small number of homes have tested positive for lead and lead-contaminated water, and a number of those homes have already been replaced.

The spokesman said the city expects that level of contamination to fall in the next few weeks.

The new system also includes an automatic shut-off valve, which the city hopes will help residents stay safe from the potentially harmful contaminants.

The water is being delivered to the city through two pipeline systems.

The first one, which carries water from the water treatment facility to homes, is being extended to two other neighborhoods.

The second is being used for irrigation and other purposes.

The city said it expects to receive water from a pipeline system that carries water to the wastewater treatment plant within the next week.

That water is supposed to be treated and distributed to homes and businesses.