How to get alpha water treatment from your tap

The best water treatment for the home and office can be found at the tap.

You can also get it from the refrigerator, and even the freezer.

But you’ll need to find a way to turn it into water.

The alpha water solution has been around for more than a century.

How does it work?

Alpha-water is a highly purified water that can be produced from water using two simple steps: extraction and distillation.

In the case of water from the tap, a water treatment process is used to separate the water from water in the tap to make it into a solution.

This process involves heating the water to a certain temperature, allowing the water’s molecular structure to be broken down and then separating the water molecules from the water in its entirety.

After distillation, the water is purified, purified again, purified even more, and purified again.

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