Singaporean water company buys water treatment firm

Singaporean company DOOSAN Water Holdings has bought a small water treatment and treatment business that specialises in water-treatment services to boost its water supplies.

The firm has taken a 40 percent stake in the business and plans to invest in additional water treatment facilities and equipment in the future, the company said in a statement on Monday.DOOSAN is the largest water company in Singapore.

Its main business is water treatment for public facilities, and it also distributes water to small businesses.DOESAN Water also sells water to other companies and utilities, such as power companies and municipal water companies.

The water company said the deal with the firm, which has an estimated value of around R5 billion, was the largest investment for the Singapore water industry so far.

It is the first of a number of such deals in Singapore over the coming years, said the statement.

DOOSan has an integrated water treatment network and a network of over 1,000 water treatment plants and water treatment stations in Singapore and overseas.

The company will invest R5.5 billion in the new water treatment facility and will expand its network of water treatment operations.

DOOCan will also hire around 10 new employees in the coming months.DOOCan said it will further invest in its water treatment services in the years to come, and will further enhance its services for Singaporeans.DOOTSAN Water is currently the largest provider of water and wastewater treatment services to Singapore.

The company’s water treatment is a key pillar of the company’s strategic growth plan, which is based on its global water-supply diversification strategy and the growth of its global supply chain.DOOM has been working with the Singapore government to expand its water supply network, which also involves water supply to other businesses, such at the water treatment plant and the Singapore Water Authority.

The government also has a water supply agreement with DOOSA to supply water for private and public consumption.

DOOTSAN has said that it has also partnered with the city to provide water to some of its customers.