More water treatment for kids with COVID-19: What you need to know

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed that more than a third of all cases of coronavirus-related COVID have been reported among children under age 5, with nearly half of those cases among children younger than 5.

The CDC also reported that the number of children who have tested positive for COVID in the past week has more than doubled in the first three weeks of the pandemic.

As of Tuesday, 1,766 children were confirmed to have COVID, with 2,764 having tested positive.

Of those, 667 had been hospitalized, including 1,638 who are still hospitalized.

Of the 1,677 who were hospitalized, 1 in 6 had died, with a further 677 hospitalized and 4 dead.

Of the children hospitalized, a total of 478 have tested negative, and another 547 have tested low.

In addition, a record 3,711 children have been discharged from hospital, including 537 who are on life support, according to the CDC.

More than 8,500 children are now on a ventilator and another 6,300 have been transferred to the intensive care unit, according the CDC, which said they have “significant medical and psychological issues.”

The agency also reported 6,000 of those are adults and children.

The number of coronivirus-associated deaths has risen from 1,933 in the second week of the outbreak to 3,814 this week.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) reported that there have been 2,898 deaths associated with COVE-19.

Of those, 1.7 million have been attributed to the coronaviral respiratory illness, according CDC.

The number of deaths has also increased by 4% from the week before the pandora.