Water and sewage treatment for the dialysis treatment plant

Water and sewer treatment for dialysis patients in Perth’s West Perth will be shut down in the coming months, but water and sewer is likely to be available for a further six months.

The decision was made last month by the city’s Water and Sewer Authority, after an inquiry by the Auditor-General into the cost and performance of the water and sewage infrastructure.

The WA Government has pledged to deliver an annual budget of $5.4 billion to improve water and wastewater services in the state, with the first tranche of that budget to be spent on upgrading the water treatment plant and other infrastructure.

Water and sewer will be closed from October until January.

The Perth water and waste treatment plant will be retired in 2021.

Water will be supplied by the WA Government, but the WA Water Agency has agreed to provide treatment for patients who need it for dialysysis.

WA’s water quality management plan calls for the water system to be shut off in 2019.WA Water has a long history of delivering clean water to the WA community.

In 2011, WA Government spent $11.3 million to repair the water pipes at the former Western Australia Water Treatment Plant in Wollongong.

However, water and sewers are the mainstay of WA’s dialysis services.

Last year, WA became the first jurisdiction in the country to introduce a dialysis fee for residents who need dialysis treatments.WA Health and Human Services Minister Stephen Mullighan said the decision was not a political one, but a business decision.

“It’s about the long-term health of the people who are receiving treatment, so we’re not taking any political advantage at all of the decision, but we’re going to try and make sure we continue to meet the needs of our patients,” he said.

“The decision to close water and a sewer service is in keeping with a wider strategy to improve the quality of our water and to ensure we deliver quality and affordable health care to our residents.”

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