How to avoid the water treatment radiation that could cause cancer in your body

The Environmental Protection Agency issued new rules Tuesday that would require water treatment plants to treat their wastewater at higher than normal levels.

It is the latest step by the agency to tighten up the nation’s water regulations.

A similar rule was put in place in California earlier this year.

The new rules would require treatment plants with water treatment equipment to treat at least half their wastewater for at least 24 hours, or to treat the rest of the water in a treatment facility.

The EPA said the new rules were meant to help companies like Blue Origin, a privately held spaceflight company, comply with new rules that were announced in December.

Blue Origin was also subject to the previous regulations.

Blue, which is owned by billionaire Richard Branson, recently filed for bankruptcy protection and announced plans to relocate to a private space station in 2019.

Blue’s plans have not been finalized.

Blue has faced criticism in recent years for its poor treatment of its wastewater and for not providing information about how much treatment it would use.