Why Boston Water has more than 20,000 filtration points, but only about 100 filtrate points

By Katie Ledecky, Business InsiderThe Boston Water company announced Tuesday that it has installed more than 40,000 filter points, or filters, in its wastewater treatment facilities in the past three years, according to Bloomberg.

Boston Water currently has about 15,000 filters in its treatment facilities.

However, the company told Bloomberg that it will now have to install about 1,000 more filtrates, or points, by the end of 2020.

The company has been adding filters in the Boston Water treatment plant since 2012, but it has struggled to meet the demand from its customers.

The company said it expects to see more of these additional filters installed in Boston Water’s wastewater treatment facility as the company begins its next phase of the project, which involves expanding the plant’s capacity and expanding its collection capabilities.